Canada Def. Minister, Harjit Sajjan

Harjit overexaggerated his role in an Afghanistan Operation, code named “Medusa”, in a speech given at a private dinner where he was invited to speak. Since then, his ‘lies’ were called to task by the Opposition, mainly the Cons- who are deserving more of their shortened name than the moniker ‘conservative’, ironically portraying themselves as […]

Trumps’ 100 days

On the day of Trump’s official inauguration, Trump also quietly opened a Trump Hotel in Vancouver- the official ceremony would come later, amid several rednecks and their red caps proclaiming their intent to “Make America Great Again”.Last I knew, they had to cross a border- perhaps we ought to build a wall around Trump tower […]

The schism in Women’s Day

Yes, we know; it’s a day for women, and by evolution, a day taken over by Feminists. But what is today a Feminist? Is it the Libertarian ideologue of Emma Goldman, or the Leftist ideal of groupthink mentality like WAVAW? Is it about empowerment, or merely to do “right by the sisterhood”, and not “shame, […]


Once again Victoria Mochama has come up with an article in Metro News that must be addressed- the notion that culture is “overrated”, and “if it can’t be learned in one day, then it’s not worth it.” And also somehow a movie reference to X- Men gets thrown in. Let’s be clear- Hollywood typifies American […]


You go to a restaurant, you feel pretty secure that you won’t get sick. The business owner must take a FoodSafe (or similar, depending upon your location) course, his (or her) staff must also be certified. Health inspectors regularly visit for compliance, everybody having the customer at heart. The owner finds it easier to employ […]