Canada Def. Minister, Harjit Sajjan

Harjit overexaggerated his role in an Afghanistan Operation, code named “Medusa”, in a speech given at a private dinner where he was invited to speak.

Since then, his ‘lies’ were called to task by the Opposition, mainly the Cons- who are deserving more of their shortened name than the moniker ‘conservative’, ironically portraying themselves as the saints of truth despite their disregard for facts under Herr Harper.

Yes, it would have better not to have embellished- but let’s face it, the Cons ARE cons; maybe it’s that they hate competition, even in a milder form?

And speaking of LIES- no US President since Nixon has ever told bigger lies than Trump; perhaps he is even WORSE than Nixon.

Coming up: Trump is considering what many of us predicted might happen if he were to have been elected, and now our worse fears are come true; he is ‘suspending’ government, i.e. he IS the Government. Zeig Heil, Herr Trump! Uberst Kommandant!


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