Trumps’ 100 days

On the day of Trump’s official inauguration, Trump also quietly opened a Trump Hotel in Vancouver- the official ceremony would come later, amid several rednecks and their red caps proclaiming their intent to “Make America Great Again”.Last I knew, they had to cross a border- perhaps we ought to build a wall around Trump tower Vancouver (Canada). Surely THAT would “Make CANADA Great again”.Speaking of CANADA- what the hell do you think of Trumps’ anti- canada rhetoric? Maybe we should tear down his edifice completely, sticking out like a sore thumb in our skyline.

Repeal NATO- fantastic idea! Threaten Syria, Russia, Iran and North Korea; act surprised when China folds its pro- trade hand and reveals it has a 5 ace military as a special “trump” hand, and tell your NATO allies that you don’t need our support! Frankly we started feeling tired backing Bush in Afghanistan and tried hard to ignore the lies ‘Merikans were told about Iraq.

“Renegotiate” NAFTA??!? we Canadians think the deal was unfair to canadian workers the day it was signed- and even when (e.g. softwood industry) we took the US to court over their failing to abide their own deal, they RENEGED on court rulings!  so yeah, Trump- we want a better deal- for CANADIANS!

“drain the swamp”- a swampland is a thriving ecosystem of millions of organisms living in close proximity; drain it, and you replace it with a mono culture; perhaps Trump finds inspiration in the reclaimed swamplands of Louisiana that were turned into single crop plantations… When I think of draining swamps, I recall also how invading armies in the Middle Ages would salt marshes so after a war ended, nobody could grow crops in nearby fields for centuries…think of all his anti- environment, pro- regulation of civil Liberties but deregulation of Corporations…..Trump as a President is an enemy within. He makes Putin and China look good, and indeed as a trading partner- PREFERABLE over the US.

As a person, he has no morality, 50% of what he says is a lie (only because for EVERYTHING he has stated publicly, he has also stated the exact opposite!), demeaned women, people of every race, verbally attacked Mexico, Germany, China (who he now grovels to for support), even Canada (despite being closely allied to the US since the end of the War of 1812)!

So who LIKES Trump? over 40 white men with membership in at least one of:

  • proud owners of the Anti- Union flag, i.e. the Confederates, who still wish for another chance at fighting a war they cannot possible win
  • NRA- because every proud Confederate believes that the Second Amendment- written in the days of the musket ball, applies to heavy artillery as well.
  • NASCAR- gets the redneck blood pumping on adrenaline when it’s not enough to riddle bambi with 40 rounds of .50 cal
  • Humvee drivers; if you weren’t unlucky having to fight for your country, at least buy the transport that made Schwarzkopf famous. Also looks good with your gun mounted on the roof “Yee- haw!”
  • white supramists- because “niggers ought know their place” and “didn’t Aristotle argue that slavery is an economic necessity”,and Muslims aren’t “Nothin’ but sand niggers who despise us” but can’t see the hypocrisy (given these statements, it is the supremacists who despise people of colour…now when their DNA comes back and they find they have Genhis Khans’ blood in their genes…?)
  • Anti- Authority ‘Libertines’- umm yeah the government is now officially tracking all US citizens where they have previously been pretending they weren’t, so now that you know Trump sides with Big Government….how do you feel now?

And this pretty much sums up Trumps’ 100 days, offending 80 percent of America and 87% of countries outside of the US, provoking traditional allies and grabbing enemies by the pussy, claiming to be friends with the women he violated, and generally being as much of an arrogant narcissist that we all knew him to be when he was only a publicity seeking clown. I still hope that this is only some bad joke where Americans wake up and decide they’ve had enough with being raped by the one man they TRUSTED to bring Wall Street down, not realising that it was Wall Street itself who backed Trump and the so- called ‘Tea Party’.

Trump might well “drain the swamp”, but by all appearances he is using salt to do it.


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