The schism in Women’s Day

Yes, we know; it’s a day for women, and by evolution, a day taken over by Feminists. But what is today a Feminist? Is it the Libertarian ideologue of Emma Goldman, or the Leftist ideal of groupthink mentality like WAVAW? Is it about empowerment, or merely to do “right by the sisterhood”, and not “shame, and/ or degrade”, women.

Are Feminists women only, or do they, as some claim, include transgenders born men, bisexual, gay, ambisexuals, etc?

Can not men be included in their support for women, or is it a day for misogynist women to express hostility for men?

Last week Sofie thought it was right for HER- as a woman, to tweet her appreciation for the support of her husband, PM Trudeau, and his efforts to “level the playingfield”- particularly in making the seats in his Party 50 percent women; “because it’s 2017”.  I get some women- and men- would see this as pandering. Perhaps some women were selected specifically for gender over qualifications- but yes men have similarly benefitted from routinely passing over qualified women to put another MAN in Cabinet.

Perhaps a quota in government works at PRESENT- but when our attitudes become more open to women, gays, and all genders in between, won’t quotas in the future become moot?

All that aside- a tweet by a woman celebrating women’s day with her family is a tweet about the was SHE chooses to celebrate- by their example of support for the GLBTQ community, it WASN’T meant to be a political message how ALL women should celebrate what is equally THEIR day, as well. In other words, ladies- save your criticisms for the world leaders who brag about the preservation of 19th century dating rituals in public. Though ironically, there are quite a few feminists that complain too, about the lack of ‘masculine’ males recently. Have men become ‘too sensitive’ to women, or are we being overfed estrogen in our food supply? Do some women secretly wish that there weren’t MORE donald Trumps (and don’t get me wrong- I despise him as much as I would if a 19 year old kid had the controls of a high performance car after winning his race car drivers’ licence through an election with no prior experience driving so much as a go kart, and showed every intention of not obeying the laws)  discuss.


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