Once again Victoria Mochama has come up with an article in Metro News that must be addressed- the notion that culture is “overrated”, and “if it can’t be learned in one day, then it’s not worth it.” And also somehow a movie reference to X- Men gets thrown in.

Let’s be clear- Hollywood typifies American culture, but has no real relevance- despite trying to place their brand of Nationalism with every waving of their flag attempts. In fact, the opposite can be said- that every flag waving only distances their foreign audience further from the movie title, if not, as in my case, alienates their audience so they stop watching. Sorry, I missed the X Men reference, because I haven’t watched it, nor do I intend to, despite Sir Patrick Stewart and his friend Sir Ian McKellan- excellent shakespearean actors both.

Culture in Canada is encouraged, as is seen in every Japan Days and Sakura Festival, Jamaica Day, Diwali, Noruuz, Chinese New Year and Robbie Burns Day celebration, in elementary school potlucks where it is encouraged for immigrant families to bring food representative of where they are from, possibly even wearing their traditional garments. It is also an opportunity for Natives to share their traditions, history, philosophy and beliefs in National Parks and traditional celebrations. Culture is taught in schools, and embraced in our daily lives; it is not a form of ‘racism’ to acknowledge that though our backgrounds differ, we are all people.

The ONLY things of value are those that take time to learn. When I think specifically how a culture ages to improve a product, one might only glance at their cheese shelf.


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