“Get Out”, Vicky Mochama (Metro News)

Hi, Vicky; I read your article. I would love to write you personally, but as I’m not on social media (twitter, etc) that will not be possible. I would like to tell you that I find it gratifying that you lump me, as a “white person”, with ALL whites, who see you, a black person, as only black.  Because neither is true.

Sure, I perceive by your article that you have intelligence, and by your picture, you appear to be a woman, and yes- you might be black. My first encounter with you would be to try to distance myself with those race hate groups, much like the Muslim PR groups would educate non- muslims about the difference between a true muslim and a radicalised muslim terrorist. If that appears too racial, I could draw parallels between Irish nationals and the IRA, how THEY are separate entities.

Vicky, how DO you see me as a “white” person? Would I appear to be British, Dutch, German…or are we all “the same”?

I confess, though- I meet a lot of people, and yes I get faces mixed up. Not just black faces, but white ones too. But we are not perfect. When I sat down on a bus one day and witnessed a Korean gentleman erroneously address a Japanese girl in Korean, I felt his pain. It is NOT that any race might ‘look the same’, but we sometimes stumble over ourselves trying to create the feeling of sameness between ourselves and who we are talking to.

As a person interested in, and intrigued by, other cultures- as well as my own, I would be just as fascinated with a Balinese or Zulu artifact as I would with something from a North American Native population, or Norway.




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