You go to a restaurant, you feel pretty secure that you won’t get sick.

The business owner must take a FoodSafe (or similar, depending upon your location) course, his (or her) staff must also be certified. Health inspectors regularly visit for compliance, everybody having the customer at heart. The owner finds it easier to employ staff who are more knowledgeable, and they find it easier to have staff perform required maintenance. Customers leave happy, and become frequent diners, contributing to a thriving industry. Regulation works.

Deregulation types come in, seeing the laws as “mere guidelines, really”, and, citing budgetary concerns, begin cutting back on labour, maintenance….maybe they even forget to buy dishwashing detergent. Maybe they have premade sandwiches and merely change the bread on the 6th day.. They maybe also find an inspector that takes bribes, asking only that a cooler thermometer READS the correct temperature, rather than actually being AT its temperature.

Next, they petition government to change- or better, eliminate, regulations to make it more “pro business”. Customers leave, the industry shrinks- diners stay home to eat.

We don’t accept this from restaurants (nor should we)- but we allow this behaviour from major shareholding corporations, creating PR companies lobby politicians and use spin campaigns to create ‘skepticism’ over whether or not smoking causes cancer, whether the climate really IS changing, and its actual cause (natural cyclical change or manmade), and promote the absurd assertion that “industry police itself”.

When one thinks of the potential harm a small restaurant MIGHT do in a state of deregulation, and compare that with larger corporations, it seems absurd that we require more oversight from a small business than from one that has so much greater potential to harm.


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