“what’s happning in Sweden”

While Trump might try and highlight criminal events around the world to garner support for heavy handed civil rights abuses, it would perhaps be enlightening to know that what IS going on in Sweden is a very strong anti- immigrant sentiment backed by Neo- Nazis; in short, the terrorists are white christians angry at people who are black or brown, and muslims. Why are we not surprised? remember he did this just over a week ago, over a similar statement designed to make people afraid of muslims when he made it sound like an attack on a Quebec Mosque was somehow perpetrated BY muslims, rather than a white Quebecois nationalist emboldened by the Parti Quebecois’ anti- immigration, pro french, party platform.

My message to Trump, Bannon and Spicer is this: if you don’t know what the fuck is the REAL situation, don’t drag other countries into your blathering lies!


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