Mitch McConnell, disgraced Senator

Senator, you don’t need to worry about Sen. Warren “impugning” the name of Sen. Sessions; you managed to impugn the name of ALL the Repugnant Party Senators; you also single handedly exposed your Party as a band of motley KKK sympathisers, impugning the good name of Martin Luther King- on BLACK HISTORY MONTH!!! If you think that the good words of JFK are better than MLK’s wife- just on basis of colour, I have this to say to you: you are less than human, and unworthy of sitting in government. Not that you will retain yous seat too much longer anyhow- Trump despises government enough to appoint in power people sworn to destroy the departments from the positions they sit. When faced with enough opposition, the tyrannic designs of his reign will be exposed.


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