america, aren’t you angry?

the CEO of the company that polluted Florida is Secretary of State, owner of the Stalin Order of friendship for his efforts in increasing the productivity of Russian oil companies. Also the Russian who leaked information regarding russian hacking of the DNC is found poisoned.

The directors of the company responsible for the mortgage crisis in 2008- Goldman Sachs, is also in Trump’s cabinet.

The Heartland Institute- concerned primarily with advocating for energy corporations, denying climate change and lying through their teeth about cigarettes being ‘not harmful’, have founded the Tea Party, and fake (Conservative) news sites such as those headed by Bannon and the late Breitbart.  It wasn’t too long ago that users searching the archives of Heartland Institute would find their way to a merchandise page that would invite people to buy from a catalogue of Tea Party approved books and wearables. If you want to know who the friends of the Heartland Institute and Trump’s Cabinet are now, just look at the tv monitors behind Spicer’s head during the Press briefings. If these conservative ‘news’ (opinion disguised as facts) radio, tv and blog are what the government is calling ‘credible’, then Trump and his despots are more anti- government (read, plotting a dictatorship) than we thought.

It makes sense, though:

despite the disasters in florida and the Flint water disaster, Trump feels that putting a person sworn to take down the EPA would best protect Americans, deregulating industries most responsible for gross negligence of the Security of American infrastructure and natural resources.

The bankers responsible for creating the worst financial crisis for americans in recent years, are now sitting at the head of government.

A multinational CEO with ties too close to Russia will be responsible for meeting Putin.

The head of the nation’s public health is sworn to privatise it.

The woman at the head of public education supports an entirely private model.

And the list goes on. Will the anti- terrorist unit be headed by someone who supports state sponsored terrorism…WITHIN the borders of the US? What better way to demand a government take stronger measures against american liberty, than by giving them something (e.g. homegrown terror cells supported by black ops) to fear?

It appears that I can safely sum up what Trump is about:

(Note: Everything to point 6  below “silence scientists, defund government and public service branches” has been done by Trump; the few steps that remain are speculative based upon my analysis of how far I perceive Trump may be willing to go, given that his penchant for narcissism equates with many psychopaths and dictators history has already seen. Point 7 isn’t hard to figure out, with the appointment of DeVos, a devout creationist anti- Darwinian who nonetheless has sworn to ‘re-examine’- the law that would put her in a conflict of interest with the President over Trump University, which so far has only taught students how to defraud the government and bilk people.)

  1. The best way to take down a government, is to be elected at the head. This is best done by making populist statements designed to inflame and infuriate, and create a sense of disunity. Once the feeling of disharmony is achieved, find a target for their anger- dehumanising a race and/ or religion, and later discrediting and creating an enemy of democratic opposition leaders (“Obama isn’t born here”/ “Lock Hillary Up”)- this latter will be useful later when considering a succession.
  2. Implement a PR machine early to begin a populist propaganda message, backed with an easily accessible media- Hitler used the radio, but Twitter works well lately.
  3. Once elected, discredit the media (every good dictator does this early)
  4. put in place a Minister of Propaganda. This person usually has a good track record running a populist newspaper, but in the digital era a ‘blog’ works well.
  5. Create a Cabinet of Despots, in positions where they can directly influence their own industries and special interests  from their office.
  6. Distrust ALL government personnel- ESPECIALLY the secret service; privatise wherever possible.Begin silencing scientists, defund government and public service branches. be careful not to allow any atomic scientists defect to Iran. Remember how bad it was for Germany that they lost Einstein.
  7. preach Creationism in classrooms, dispute scientific evidence with opinion and biblical passages.
  8. Plot with the CIA to blow up Congress, using a pair of homeless ‘terrorists’ with confused ideologies that are easy to manipulate; after a brief show trial, condemn them to execution. Enact a stronger version of the Enabling/ Patriot Act citing the Reschstag/ Congress bombing as validation.
  9. Bring the opposing Party to its knees- arrest (but don’t bring to trial) the most popular leaders on ‘suspicion of fraud’ or ‘money laundering’; others you can poison the way Boris Nemtsov was.
  10. Congratulations, Trump. Your reign as dictator is now solid. What dissidence remains will be disorganised and ineffective under your ham fist.

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