the tyranny of corporations

As CEO of Exxon, Rex Tillerson was personally responsible and therefore should be held to account, several environmental disasters and human rights abuses perpetuated by Exxon, and by private army and security forces employed by Exxon. His relationship with dictators in Africa, the Middle East, and his “friendship” with Russia should be seen as antithetical to the interests of the plebiscite, i.e. the Citizens, of the US, if not in all the Democratic nations generally. More information can be found on the link below, but feel free to research Rex Tillerson on your own, combined with the words ‘exxon valdez’, ‘exxon gulf oil spill’, and any other incidences that can be linked to his term as CEO of Exxon:

If it were just oil spills alone, this one statement from him should have scared people into calling for stronger protection measures:

“We are not well equipped to handle them. There will be impacts, as we are seeing”

“When they happen, it is a fact that we’re not well equipped to prevent any and all damage. There will be damage occurring.”

This quote is Tillerson at his honest. You will seldom hear an admission like this elsewhere. What he references here is a problem not with him alone, however, but with corporate culture itself.

A corporation as large as Exxon is concerned mainly with appeasing their investors, who chiefly want strong quarterly results. When profits are down, routine costs and expenditures- e.g. maintenance, repairs, etc.- must be lowered. This lends to their poor track record involving massive disasters that cost in the billions- well and above what they can afford, and what insurers are willing to risk. That’s why countries must agree to a limited liability agreement where the taxpayer is on the hook for costs in excess of any damages. Since these corporations largely do business on PUBLIC land, WE should be the stakeholders- not some boardroom execs who merely bought a piece of the company.

The same arguments also apply to the nuclear industry. Many plants sit in use well beyond their expiration date, having received extensions when argued that the corporations operating them failed to make a profit. These plants generally have the same problems that plagued the GE designed power plant in Fukushima, and in fact only after siad incident, have logs been regularly kept up to date and maintenance standards improved and properly monitored.

The garment industry- we know that American textile and fashion industries moved offshore to countries where cheap labour and little or no labour practices exist; we saw the fire in Pakistan that levelled a garment building where Joe Fresh and other brands were made. What few people know however, is that it was a very similar fire in NYC that precipitated public conscience to argue for labour protections, that inevitably saw the industry leave the US to exploit poorer nations abroad.

This folks, is why we NEED a “big government”- because deregulating industry will inevitably destroy our homes, our towns, our food, and our very LIVES. Further, without regulation, a corporation would fail to maintain its its own pipelines in order continue drilling, ignore routine cleanup duties that would prevent fires, and in general be responsible and accountable for their daily activities.


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