Trump Tower, Vancouver

America, you probably don’t know, but the same Day Trump became President, the wrapping came off his latest tower, here in Vancouver, Canada.

We had a few people wearing Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ hats- forgetting that they are on foreign soil.

What I propose: build a WALL around Trump Tower, and make TRUMP pay for it. Simply put, we don’t need his anti- canada, anti- woman, anti- democracy, anti anyone who ISN’T Donald Trump- here in Canada. His building is an edifice of intolerance, and lack of ethics.

He doesn’t even CARE that the tower’s unveiling, timed to coincide with his inauguration, represents a conflict of interest which he indicated he will NOT remove himself from.

Is it any wonder, then, that this tower- and others like it throughout the world, would become the target of over a million protestors, worldwide?

America- you are an immature, upstart nation that has sought after enemies of your own creation, from the very day you turned against Dad (Britain) in a spit of rebellious tantrum; you claimed the that you want representation, and despite some mishaps along the way (Nixon, Bush Sr.) there have been signs of growth-but now you elect a despot and a Cabinet of Oligarchs, with the goal of establishing a Caesar. As such, a monomaniac like Trump will resemble Nero rather than Julius. Maybe Trump might even learn to play the fiddle?


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