“The Lord works in mysterious ways”

I once overheard a group of senior church ladies talking about the simultaneous “conversion” of the Swedes, followed by the Norwegians, how they laid their swords down “for God”. But anyone with a modicum of history and geopolitcs would know that their reasons had little to do with God, and more with their own self interests. Indeed, “God”- or rather, mans’ limited understanding of God- is usually who we cite as our Authority to pick UP the swords, rather than laying down. Each side claims the moral superior advantage over their rival, proclaiming the opposite to be the progeny of “evil”, the bearer of heresies and dealers in everything that all humans find abhorrent. This is true of all religion, race and Nation- none are exempt from the stain of deceiving their citizens to rise them for battle for resources, territory or even mere prestige. Possibly the most ignomious of all is the concept of the “Cross’ Defence” (Crusades), warring against the very people from whom Jesus was BORN so that Christians would some day forget that there were even Jews and Muslims prior to Christ, and therefore Christians. But while religion- and the forcing of ‘conversion’ among pagans might have been the intent in the beginning behind the First Crusades, it was the WEALTH the knights brought for the Church that led to further incursions- incursions which would ironically bankrupt Christian Monarchs who funded them upon pain of facing excommunion if they refused the Church.

From Abraham, his chosen heir, Ishmael, was driven out after the deception of Isaac. Ishmael would create a lineage from which Muhammed- Prophet of Islam, would be born. Muhammed and Christ would cross paths, and Muhammed would recognise him as a Prophet. In the end, we are all of the same God, even having in common the ancestor Abraham. Why then the wars against each other for the last 1800 years?

We know that since the 18th century, the British Empire sought to control the trade routes for tea, spices, and silks- and in the 19th century, the slave routes, and in the 20th century forward, control of the oil in the middle east prompted them to divide Persia into the separate States we know today as Iran, Iraq and Kuwait. This accounts for just over 200 years. What resources existed that were so valuable before then?


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