FaceTime lawsuit

What can be said of a nation built upon the principles of freedom and liberty,  having Citizens within it arguing that a tech company doesn’t do enough SURVEILLANCE, governing the behaviour of their consumers?

In this upside down world where the former Soviets claim to be free from surveillance (in the days of the KGB, the Reds were as occupied with learning the secrets of their “comrades”, as they were of the US), the US is constantly eroding the Legitimacy of their Government, tearing the Constitution up to the point that “they’re just guidelines, really”. A government without a Charter or Constitution to cite as claim to legitimacy, is a government without Law- a Tyranny.   Yet the Modisettes seem to want their Democratic country to appear more in character to Communism style surveillance; they seek not justice, but rather compensation, for the tragic loss of their family members in an accident caused by the negligence of the driver, Garrett Edward Wilhelm. An individual doesn’t have as much money as a company- so why not sue Apple, arguing that they ought to spy on their customers? With that logic, why stop there? why not sue the car manufacturer for not having in its suite of electronic gadgets, a signal blocking device that would effectively eliminate cell signals from entering the cabin while the engine is on?


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