Does Target OWN Canada?

When Target, a foreign (US) company, acquired Hudson’s Bay Co., they may well have taken ownership of our entire government along with it. Allow me to make the case:

Canada’s legal system differs from the US in that we use a “Common Law” approach that we inherited from Britain, taking into consideration common legal practices and social laws from ancient democracies (Greece), Anglo- Saxon and Norman customs, the various Magna Cartas, etc.

Most importantly, is that our current Charter is considered to be part of an Evolutionary chain, deriving from its origins a long line of constitutions, decrees, Acts, etc. to the very first Magna Carta.

Why this is important, is that with the signing of the Hudson’s Bay Charter, the Crown of England established Canada’s first government (appointed by HBC Governors) , and certain Crown Lands to be held in Trust of the HBC (Hudson’s Bay Co.), owned by the British Crown (most of these lands were named after the cousin of King Charles 2, Prince Rupert; these named lands would transfer into Canada’s possession, but, while Canada was not at the time separate from the Dominion, the Lands would remain as owned by the Crown).

Because we look upon the HBC Charter as the Law that legitimises our Government (i.e. it is the founding document that allows an excercise of Authority), AND that it is clear that some Crown Lands remain in the Trust of the HBC, what exactly does it mean for us when Target acquired the Corporation?  The HBC Charter lives even today- as we pay tribute the furs required of us in accordance with the Charter, whenever there is a Royal visitation.:        “Yeilding and paying yearley to us our heirs and Successors for the same two Elkes and two Black beavers whensoever and as often as Wee our heirs and successors shall happen to enter into the said Countryes Territoryes and Regions hereby granted”

The Office of Lt. Govenor and Gov. General, formerly positions for the Lords appointed to these positions from within the HBC, are appointed today by Premiers and Prime Ministers as Representatives of the Crown, bearing the power of the Seal to sign a Canadian Bill into Law when Royal Assent is given.

Therefore, as I have demonstrated that the Hudson’s Bay Charter is still effective as Law, it stands to reason that there can be three possible outcomes, namely that:

  1. Target effectively owns an entire nation
  2. the sale of HBC to Target is illegal, or
  3. The Queen shall issue a Proclamation declaring that the HBC shall be separate from the affairs of the Government of Canada, and transfer all remaining Crown Reserve Lands into the care of the Canadian Government, for the Public Interest.

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