entertainment industry

From 5th Grade, students in Canada were taught that all publications have an inherent bias, be it accidental (personal) or deliberate (editorial).

By 11th Grade we are taught about sources of propaganda, often using war- era Germany as an example of the potential for harm . According to William Schirer, in ‘the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich’,a prominent Nazi propagandist while on trial at Nuremberg cited the US as their inspiration for their propaganda for their ability to seamlessly use the press and movie industry, mixed in with their show of military force and flag waving at every opportunity. When the US Army starts sponsoring and producing video games and movies for recruitment purposes, the distinction SHOULD be obvious that earlier incidences of Patriotism or Nationalist (the first is an emotional response to their support for the second, e.g. putting their Nation in prominence to the exclusion of any other)- themed movies and military themed video games were by no means ever designed as “purely” entertaining.

Whereas in news where we are given factual evidence laced with a dose- however moderate or heavy- with opinion, in the movie and book industry, we are often SOLD an opinion in the guise of entertainment. We fail to critique these forms of propaganda coming from “friendly” sources, readily accepting them because we perceive them as compatible to our interests and benign in intent.

Where I am going with this, is the issue that no one dares to say, i.e. that the anti semitism that Germany used as fuel to rally support for their action, parallels today with the rally against Muslims, even going as far as to ignore the levels of extremism against innocent civilians this has ignited.

We know that FOX “news” (an entertainment company) has sued their own journalists for being so bold as report on FACTS in evidence against Monsanto (bovine growth hormone , or “BGH” found in milk), resulting in a judge ruling that the FCC regulations on the news industry requiring the reporting of facts are, to quote from Pirates of the Caribbean “just Guidelines, really”. This has enabled many opinion blog sites to set up as fake “news” reporting agencies. With no requirement for accountability regulating their practice, the only laws one can depend on to hold news agencies to account are civil torts- libel, slander, defamation, for which Truth can be their only defence.


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