C- 51

This Bill, tabled under the previous government, is unconstitutional, non democratic, and does nothing to serve Canadians.

It instead removes the onus of responsible government, making a mockery of democracy.

When Whitman wrote in 1863 “Safeguard your Freedom, lest you forever be enslaved” did he see this coming?

In an opinion article ( http://vancouver.24hrs.ca/2016/11/27/surveillance-critics-should-unplug-first ) that appeared on the 24hours ‘News’ on November 27, Brent Stafford wrote disdainfully of those who oppose this legislation, painting us with one broad stroke as “the self righteous dissident crowd who never advocates for centrist positions of any issue.”He further claims we “think nothing of terrorizing and thrashing a city in glory of protest.”

He (over) uses  the word “dissident” mo less then 6 times in his article,  comparing those who have a logically dissenting opinion from his as if we supported the FLQ, or currently ISIS.

“We are not talking about Ghandi or MLK” he writes (so, I guess, ironically….we ARE?) but herein is the weak spot in his rhetoric:

the events in the US that police were able to commit against blacks, the laws that made it LEGAL to discriminate against them, made MLK a necessity, and the violent protests that emerged during his era in response to police brutality and no meaningful representation should serve as a reminder today the limits we must place on government, to keep them SERVING the People, and not the People become as SLAVES to the Government.

Stafford recommends that we who value Privacy over Security (Ben Franklin MUST be rolling over on that line!) ought “purge and close their facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts (I never had an account on either), turn off GPS tracking on their phones (way ahead of you; as a bonus, I don’t have a Google account, so apps that have hidden tracking features cant be installed), install a VPN and only use web browsers in incognito mode (I could use some help in creating a VPN, and incognito mode doesn’t go far enough for me- I use Epic Privacy Browser and FireFox, both with StartPage set as my Start Page, and with respect to FireFox, a whole host of privacy plugins), cut up all of their credit cards (I haven’t had one in 10 years), Air Miles (never had one) and tear up all their loyalty cards (I do one better: my provincial ID card “expired” over a decade ago; I refuse to get a card that stores my history on a data chip).

If comparing Franklin, Whitman, and the great Libertarians to agents of terrorism weren’t enough to make one question Stafford’s agenda, I found that he has an anti- regulation blog. Interesting that for him it is apparently ok to regulate the freedom of PEOPLE, but not business?




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